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How to draw a frog?

The frog – just like a fish – belongs to the group of animals that are especially liked by children – especially girls. It happens, of course, mainly due to the fairy tales heard and watched. The most popular frog was, of course, the story of the most famous frog, which after a kiss turns into a beautiful prince. It is not difficult to guess that a beautiful story often awakens in children the desire to draw and recreate a nice animal on paper. How to support a child in their first artistic attempts? What is the best way to start drawing a frog – from the head or the torso? Below are some information and tips on how to draw a frog step by step.

How to draw frogs?
Frog drawing is very easy - to learn how to cute frog and frog's body

How to draw a frog- start by drawing the egg

In drawing – just like in the case of other passions – what counts is a good concept. This will make the entire task easier. So it’s best to start drawing a frog by drawing an egg. It should be proportionate and of an appropriate size. If the frog is to be large, the egg should be so too. The drawn shape should be delicate. It’s best to use a pencil to easily make corrections and erase unnecessary lines.

How to draw a frog

How To Draw Frog’s Eyes?

After drawing the egg, which is the key element of the frog’s work and silhouette, it is worth drawing the animal’s eyes. You will create them by drawing irregular semicircles on the top of the created egg. To keep the eyes of the frog separate from the body, erase the center lines with an eraser. Now you just need to draw the eyeballs of the frog, which will be created from the large black dots, and the mouth. The latter can be created by simply drawing an arc-shaped line.

frog drawing - step by step instructions drawing tutorials how to frog drawing

The frog’s legs are easy to draw

How to draw a frog

When the frog has gained a body, eyes and mouth – it’s time for legs. It is enough to draw two vertical lines at the base of the egg, connect them and draw your fingers at the end of them. Of course, there should be two legs at the base of the egg. In order for them to separate from the rest of the frog’s silhouette, the intersecting line must be erased. The frog’s hind legs should be drawn on the sides of the egg. The frog should be smiling, so you need to refine its face by joining the ends of the curved line. You can also draw its language. Of course, the fairy-tale frog has one more attribute, which is the crown. It is worth supplementing the drawing with this element, as well as other elements that will be prompted by the child’s imagination.

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