What is business coaching

In running a company, not only financial growth and continuous improvement of results count, but also the development of employees. One way to promote it is through coaching. Find out what it is and whether it will work for your company.

What is business coaching?

Coaching is a management method that allows you to fully use your human resources. It consists in the cooperation of a more experienced individual, i.e. a coach, with an employee. The coach shares his knowledge and experience like a sports coach, thanks to which a person employed in the company can achieve the best possible results. The main goal of coaching is to manage the development of employee competencies and skills. The most frequently used tool of the coach’s work is a dialogue, which is supposed to lead to solutions to problems, instead of suggesting a ready-made remedy. Thanks to this, the employee gets to know his potential, stays motivated and increases his soft skills.

Advantages of coaching in business

Coaching is a modern method of increasing employees’ competences and brings many more benefits than traditional forms, such as training. What should be mentioned here is the individualization of the process – the coach meets the employee one-on-one, which allows for in-depth self-reflection. Thanks to the conducted conversations, the employee has a chance to build a partner relationship and to jointly look at the patterns of behavior used. Systematic meetings enable the evaluation of progress, which motivates, accelerates results and improves the performance of the unit.

What does cooperation with a coach look like?

Cooperation within the framework of coaching proceeds in accordance with specific assumptions. At the first meeting, the goals to be achieved are set. They must take into account the employee’s capabilities, the time to achieve them and the ways in which they will be checked. The latter factor is extremely important, because usually soft skills are developed, which are difficult to measure. If a client wants to increase their confidence, the measure of progress can be, for example, raising objections to their supervisor or expressing willingness to give a presentation. By establishing these measures, progress becomes visible, which allows you to maintain a high level of motivation.

A good coach – how to find him?

A good business coach should, above all, be characterized by high commitment to his work. It must be a person experienced in business so that he has knowledge that he can pass on to his charges. It’s good to choose coaches who work in similar fields as their clients. Such a trainer has probably already met the challenges faced by employees.

There are plenty of business coaches available on the internet. Such services are provided by training companies as well as independent freelancers.

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